Mass Effect Game Review: Waiting for the Andromeda Installment

Mass Effect is an action role-playing video game released in the form of a trilogy by Canadian game developer BioWare. Since its release in 2007, each and every Mass Effect game review has been ecstatic, as fans fell for this third person shooter game. It allows players to customize their avatars; the story is progressive and filled with evolving characters, as opposed to a regular good guy/bad guy kind of setting; it has great quest structures and engaging combat scenarios.gameplay

The main character is Commander Shepherd, a soldier whose mission is to save the galaxy from the Reapers, extra-galactic mechanical beings set on destroying all organic life in the galaxy. The entire Milky Way is the setting of the game, even though it has been restructured in the form of fictional quadrants called the Terminus Systems, the Attican Traverse, the Inner and Outer Council Space and Alliance Space. Each sequel picked up where the previous story left off and each version got its own favorable Mass Effect game review.

The game is extremely engaging as users come across dialogue trees and also have access to a series of mini-games which involve habitual actions such as eating or romancing. BioWare has been much praised for its storyline and for the possibilities the game offers. Though the main game line could be completed in 15 hours, there is a lot to discover if you go astray. Everybody is really excited to read the first Mass Effect game review of the fourth game in the series Mass Effect: Andromeda, scheduled for launch in 2016. Announced in 2015, this fourth installment is the first to take the story out of the galaxy.Mass Effect

The visuals are amazing and the graphic designer team has done a great job on the facial expressions of the characters. The great storyline, backed by incredible game design, make the Mass Effect sci-fi experience well worth it. This says a lot about the game, especially since action role-playing video game fans tend to be very demanding and critical. One downside would be not having created the world’s best villain, but, then again, this is always the biggest challenge.

The platforms supporting the game are Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, with an added Wii U for the Mass Effect 3 version. According to a specific Mass Effect game review, the mobile versions of the game were Mass Effect: Galaxy, released in 2009 for iOS and Mass Effect: Infiltrator, released in 2012 for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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